The Adventurous Jungle Show

This mesmerising show is something that the whole family can enjoy.

Our jungle-themed aerial show will be sure to captivate everyone from the youngest to the oldest family member.

This animal-themed outdoor show is about a spirited girl called Anna who finds herself in magical jungle land after being banned from watching TV by her mum.

The audience will be amazed as she explores the mysterious new land, making new flying, crawling & swinging friends as she goes.

Through the combination of theatre, aerial ropes, aerial hoop and Spanish web, our talented performers will create an unforgettable experience for all.

Reasons to Book The Adventurous Jungle Show:

  • Family-friendly outdoor aerial theatre show
  • Engaging outdoor show that’s perfect for summer events
  • A stunning display of aerial ropes, aerial hoop, Spanish web & physical theatre
  • Can be performed to an audience of 100-200 at a time
  • Original & exciting story that will leave kids & adults spellbound
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Watch The Adventurous Jungle Show In Action!

Watch this quick video showing the quality of our children’s theatre show below, showing how well-received the show is by their diverse audience.

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Our animal-themed outdoor aerial show is a fun-filled child & family show that will capture the imagination of children and adults alike.

Our animal-themed children’s show features a quartet of aerial circus performers and children’s entertainers who use an array of different techniques to deliver a stunning performance. This animal-themed child and family show is a unique and original jungle-themed story that will leave children amazed. Created by our talented children’s entertainers, they are inventive actresses who have performed around the country.

The story told through our talented aerialists and children’s entertainers will be sure to leave the children spellbound. Our animal-themed aerial performers use aerial ropes, aerial hoops, Spanish web and physical theatre to deliver their jungle-themed child & family show.

Your child will be able to pick their favourite animal-themed aerial performer. The aerial skills exhibited by our children’s entertainers enhances this animal-themed children’s show further.

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Perfect for public summer events, it can be performed to audiences of between 100-200 people. Our children’s entertainers have performed this brilliant animal-themed circus show to various public audiences.

Through our children’s entertainer’s use of colourful props and aerial rigs, you will be transported straight to the jungle. This aerial circus act is a fascinating and original children’s show that will be sure to leave guests mesmerised.

Our talented aerial performers tell the story of young Anna who has been banned from watching TV by her Mum. Determined to defy her mother, Anna marches off to her treehouse where she starts chasing a butterfly going higher into the taller trees. As she is climbing higher, Anna falls and loses consciousness.

When she wakes up she finds herself in a completely different world, surrounded by lush green trees and new animals she’s never seen before. The main character of our animal-themed show offers the young audience an alternative female role model. Our main character will be sure to empower everyone.

This animal-themed children’s show tells the ultimate story of exploration, wonder and imagination. Children and adults will both be fixated and transported to this magical, fictional land.

With over 6 years of experience, our children’s entertainers will be sure to make this children’s show a success.


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