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Purple Chinese Lion

When people usually think of a Chinese Lion Dance, they usually imagine the lion and the dancers wearing traditional Chinese colours: red and yellow.

However, if you are looking for a way for your guests to expect the unexpected, then our unique Chinese Lion is the perfect act for you to feature at your event.

Our Purple Chinese Lion is guaranteed to create a vibrant visual display that your guests will remember for the rest of their lives.

Chinese Lion Dancing is a very popular style of dance which has been restricted within the Chinese community. However, over recent years, Chinese Lion Dancing has won over the hearts of many countries across the world.

Our Purple Chinese Lion comes with professional dancers who have many years of experience at performing traditional lion dances at a variety of venues.

These experienced dancers will create a lively and energetic atmosphere with their dynamic dance choreography. Our performers have recently obtained the 2016 Western Lion King title from the 2016 Genting World Lion Dance Championships in Malaysia.

Book our Purple Chinese Lion for Chinese New Year, Wedding Receptions and much more in the UK, Australia and Internationally.

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