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Southern Dragon Dancers

Our Southern Dragon Dancers for hire are a talented group of entertainers who perform a stunning and traditional Chinese Dragon dance.

In Chinese culture, the Dragon is well-respected as it symbolises; wealth, power and strength. The Dragon is also said to bring good luck to people.

These stunning Dragons normally reach 10-15 metre and often have odd-numbered joints on the spine as it said to bring good luck. Our talented dancers will perform eye-catching acrobatic displays as they dance and rotate together in perfect synchronisation to make the creature appear real. Our dancers also have a 40 metre Dragon available which is perfect for large-scale events.

Our Southern Dragon Dancers provide a majestic and energetic performance that always leaves people amazed. The Southern Dragon Dancers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Chinese New Year Events, Lantern Festival Events or Corporate Events in the UK and Australia.

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