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Our animatronic Snow Lion for hire is a mythical creature that hails from the snow-covered forests of distant lands. The majestic Snow Lion walkabout act is accompanied by the charming Winter Queen and her servant who he fiercely protects.

Through his bright white fur and crystal blue eyes, our Snow Lion will make you wish every day was Christmas.

Reasons To Book These Artists

  • Previous clients include; HSBC, BBC & The Royal Family
  • Entertainers have performed internationally in; Monaco, Spain & Belgium
  • Innovative animatronic puppetry & walkabout performing
  • Available for Christmas & Winter Wonderland events
  • Serves as the perfect photo opportunity

Majestic Snow Lion – Watch it Here!

Watch and witness our incredible Snow Lion & Winter Queen walkabout. This majestic walkabout animal is incredibly friendly and loves to meet and make new friends. Our Winter Wonderland walkabout is a captivating and interactive entertainment option that will be sure to captivate everyone at your next event.

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Our animatronic walkabout puppet for hire will bring an abundance of winter magic to your next event. This majestic Snow Lion walkabout is a stunning handmade puppet that will instantly captivate everyone at your next event. Our walkabout animal character is accompanied by the Winter Queen and her Servant. This walkabout animal character is a unique and exciting act that will get people talking about your event.

This regal walkabout animal character hails from the ice-filled forests of the North where he has become a mythical emblem for winter and Christmas. Our beautiful animatronic puppet is seen as a beacon of light in the darkest days of Winter. This giant walkabout animal character will provide an abundance of fun as he majestically parades around your event. Although he looks imposing, our interactive walkabout creature is incredibly friendly and loves meeting and making new friends as he travels to new lands.

Our animatronic Snow Lion puppet is joined on his adventures by the Winter Queen and her servant. The Queen is the embodiment of a powerful female figure and offers a modern interpretation of Mother Christmas. This walkabout animal character is the perfect photo opportunity for any event. Our large animatronic puppet will smile and engage with people as the photo is taken.

This Winter Wonderland walkabout animal character is the perfect family-friendly entertainment option.


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Our animatronic Snow Lion is available to book in the UK for corporate events.

Highly-interactive walkabout option

Our walkabout animal character loves meeting children and adults alike. This walkabout creature is highly interactive and will let children pet him and talk to him easily. Our Snow Lion is a magical Christmas-themed entertainment option who will help create the perfect atmosphere for your Christmas or Winter Wonderland event.

With his bright white fur and his vivid blue eyes, our magical Snow Lion is the perfect Christmas-themed entertainment to hire for Christmas-themed events. Our performers combine animatronic puppetry with walkabout performing and a little dash of magic to create this stunning beast.

Our magical Christmas Snow Lion is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Christmas shopping centre events, Winter Wonderland events or corporate events in Birmingham and across the UK.

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