Musical Snow Queen Chariot

Our Musical Snow Queen Chariot will fill your Christmas Themed Event with festive spirit and fairytale charm.

If you’re looking for Christmas music for hire for a corporate event, then look no further, here you have an adorable and heart-warming Narnia themed walkabout act from London and the UK to complete your Winter Wonderland.

Why Book Our Musical Snow Queen Chariot?

  • Walkabout act has been nominated for awards at Perth Fringe Australia
  • The original concept is pioneering new ideas about Christmas music for hire
  • Bespoke costumes look as if they’re freshly plucked from a Winter Wonderland
  • Narnia themed act can tailor the performance to the specific demands of all shopping centre events
  • Family-friendly Christmas entertainers are suitable for audiences of all ages
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This music-infused, Narnia themed walkabout act is an essential addition to any Winter Wonderland. The fearsome Snow Queen is perched menacingly on her beautifully ornate chariot, whilst the stunning Snow Princess sweetens the air at your Christmas themed event with her soothing violin playing.

This is an excellent choice of Christmas music for hire for shopping centre events in London and the UK, as the extensive repertoire of festive anthems these Christmas entertainers can perform will leave a smile on faces of any age.

Watch as people start to gather around this walkabout act at your shopping centre event, enchanted by their excellent taste in Christmas music and expert instrumental skill. Softening the Winter Wonderland Queen’s intimidating glare, the Snow Princess is highly interactive with adults and children alike in between her impressive violin performances.

These Christmas entertainers can also be moved around over the course of the Christmas themed event, with the chariot being completely mobile, making for an extremely versatile Narnia themed act to suit your precise needs.

The walkabout act these Christmas entertainers have created has been a huge success over the last fifteen years, bringing Winter Wonderland magic with them wherever their chariot takes them. One previous client claimed they were ‘Quirky, skilled, inventive and charming’, while another described the Narnia themed walkabout act as ‘The best Christmas Act we have seen’.

One thing we can say for certain about these Christmas entertainers is that they have a diverse array of talents, meaning you’ll get more than just the Christmas music for hire you originally bargained for!

Book these brilliant Narnia themed Christmas entertainers for your next shopping centre event for guaranteed success. For more information on how you can hire this walkabout act for your perfect Winter Wonderland in London and the UK, get in touch as soon as you can!

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