The Magical Ballerina Box

Why not bring some magic to your next Christmas event with our Magical Ballerina Box? This stunning stage show consists of 7 characters who are all highly-trained dancers.

The Magical Ballerina Box for hire will captivate and charm you and your guests with their beautifully choreographed routines.

Why Book The Magical Ballerina Box?

  • Have bases in London & Dubai
  • Can be booked as roaming performers & mix & mingle entertainers
  • Previous clients include; Fast Track, Vida Hotels & Resorts & Sage
  • Stunning children’s show that features 7 characters
  • Enchanting professional singers, actors & dancers
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Our mesmerising children’s show will be sure to captivate everyone from the smallest child to the oldest adult at your next event. These incredibly talented ballet dancers and children’s entertainers perform the most stunning moves in an array of dazzling costumes. This family show is sure to be something you will never forget. You also have the option to hire these children’s entertainers as roaming performers and mix and mingle entertainment. Our children’s performers are a delightful group of performers who will create a magical time for all.

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Our children and family show for hire is a superb blend of singing, dancing, acting and beautifully-crafted costumes. This Christmas-themed stage show is full of talented ballet dancers and singers who will enchant and captivate whilst telling this original story. Our children’s entertainers are a talented group of children & family show performers who have performed across the world and have an abundance of experience performing in Dubai.

These children’s entertainers have created a truly special and original children & family show that people of all ages will enjoy. Our ballet dancers and other characters tell the story of a Soldier who has been tasked with looking after the toy shop and has specifically been told not to open the mysterious and intriguing box. However, the Soldier’s curiosity gets the better of him and he opens the box revealing a beautiful ballerina. The ballet duet soon falls in love and enchant the audience by dancing together. But the audience will have to find out if fate will allow these star-crossed lovers to be together.

This children and family show is a wonderfully captivating Christmas-themed stage show that will encapsulate everyone. Our children’s entertainers wear an array of stunning costumes that are handmade. This Christmas entertainment act features a number of different characters including; the Soldier, the Ballerina, the Fairy Godmother, the Story Teller, the Toy Shop Owner and more. Your kids are sure to have their favourite character from this family show by the end. Although our children’s entertainers do make it difficult to pick a favourite.

These talented children’s entertainers have taken classical ballet techniques and merged them together with modernised choreography to create this stunning children and family show. The beautiful choreography displayed by our talented ballerina duo will be sure to create a magical time for all. Our children and family show is full of fun and audience participation. Your kids will be beyond entranced by these fun-filled children’s entertainers.

Our children’s show can also be hired as mix and mingle entertainment and roaming entertainers. Children and adults alike will be in awe of our stunning meet and greet entertainment. These mix and mingle children’s entertainers serve as a wonderful photo opportunity for families. With the option of walkabout entertainment and meet and greet, our children’s entertainers will easily interact with your children.

This children’s party entertainment is a delightful family show that will be sure to leave your kids wanting more. Our children’s party entertainment has been performed at numerous events in different countries. These children’s entertainers have performed in Dubai at numerous shopping centres making them the perfect shopping mall entertainment.

This children and family show is the perfect Christmas-themed stage show to hire for a wide range of events. Our children’s stage show and walkabout characters are available to book for children’s parties, Christmas-themed events or shopping centre events in the UK and Dubai. Our children’s party entertainment will be sure to create an unforgettable experience for all kids at your next event.

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