Winter Wonderland Variety Show

Our Winter Wonderland Variety Show will make your next Christmas themed event in London or the UK a truly surreal experience.

Attendees will be talking your corporate event for weeks after being privileged with the opportunity to watch this brilliantly unique and diverse circus show.

Why Book Our Winter Wonderland Variety Show?

  • Performed at corporate events for reputable brands – Mercedes, BBC, Virgin
  • Option of Winter Wonderland, Christmas Showgirls and Santa Baby Medley themes
  • Christmas entertainers are adept in many circus show disciplines – acrobatics, stilt walking, gymnastics
  • Will tailor their variety show to suit the precise needs of the client
  • Pride themselves on creating the perfect Winter Wonderland ambience
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Transforming the stage into an incredible icy cavern, these Christmas entertainers will take you on an exciting journey to Winter Wonderland fantasy world with their innovative circus show.

Guaranteed to make your corporate event a cut above any other, the Winter Wonderland Variety Show showcases a masterful cocktail of daring circus show tricks and meticulous attention to theming detail, making it one of the most thrilling acts in London and the UK for Christmas themed events.

Whether it’s the spectacular Winter Wonderland dream world or upbeat Christmas Showgirl concept that takes your fancy, you can be assured your corporate event will last a long time in your guests’ minds. Each and every Christmas entertainer performing is passionate about serving you with the unique experience this circus show is designed to create.

Hitting all your senses from every angle with the array of different spectacles they’re capable of producing is the trademark of the Winter Wonderland Variety Show, and will be the selling point of your next Christmas themed event.

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As you’d expect, these Christmas entertainers have received countless letters of praise from their catalogue of high profile clients for this remarkable circus show.

Having made their mark on corporate events for big names like Mercedes and BBC, this variety show has proven it hits the criteria for the biggest of stages. One client described these coveted Christmas entertainers as ‘extremely hardworking ladies bringing perfection to the stage’, which is just one example of the glowing feedback they routinely receive after a new client has experienced their exquisite circus show.

Don’t miss out on the Winter Wonderland Variety Show for your next Christmas themed event. For more information on how to book these Christmas entertainers and their incredible circus show for corporate events in London and the UK, get in touch with us as soon as you can!

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