Musical Toy Soldier

Our Musical Toy Soldier is fun and original stilt walker for hire who creates a classic Christmassy atmosphere.

This Christmas entertainer is a great choice of walkabout act for both adults and children, combining stilt walking, music and childhood nostalgia at shopping centre events and Christmas parades in London or the UK.

Why Book Our Musical Toy Soldier?

  • Kitted out with real drum and actual working wind up key
  • Worked for high profile clients like Barclaycard, and at prestigious venues like the Birmingham NEC
  • Suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds
  • Excellent circus skills and extensive music collection
  • Perfect walkabout act for a Classic Christmas Themed Event
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watch our Musical Toy Soldier in action!

The Musical Toy Soldier is an extremely talented stilt walker for hire who plays a wonderfully fun, festive character for all to enjoy.

Our Christmas entertainer is a multifaceted act who is available to hire for shopping centre events and Christmas parades in London and the UK.

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Read more about our Musical Toy Soldier

Our cross talented Musical Toy Soldier is a stilt walker for hire with a passion for all things Christmas – especially Christmas music. This life-sized, classic Christmas toy is a walkabout act certain to bring back adults’ memories and start to form fresh ones in children’s minds, with his abundance of undiluted Christmas spirit.

If you want a Christmas entertainer to steal the hearts of both the young and old at your shopping centre event or Christmas parade, then this is the toy for you.

With his real marching drum and perfectly press red uniform, this stilt walker for hire really does look like a genuine member of the Queen’s Guard. But don’t expect him to stay still while you’re frantically waving at him, as this Christmas entertainer is a walkabout act that’s about as interactive and engaging with audiences as they come.

With his wind-up key and eclectic collection of Christmas anthems, this stilt walker for hire can literally go for hours. Make sure you don’t wind him up too much at a shopping centre event or he’ll never make it home for Christmas day in time!

He’s a stilt walker, juggler, tap dancer and a decorated soldier. This multitalented Christmas entertainer is a master of numerous circus skills, which, combined with his love for Christmas music, makes for an exciting, light-hearted and funny walkabout act.

You certainly couldn’t purely define him as a stilt walker for hire, as his talents extend into so many different fields.

Having received glowing feedback from several different high profile clients, it’s safe to say this Christmas entertainer is a walkabout act that has been recommended by the best.

Described by his biggest client, Barclaycard, as ‘such a talented and nice guy’, this stilt walker has all the attributes to contribute to proper family fun at a shopping centre event in London and the UK.

This stilt walker for hire is the perfect walkabout act for any shopping centre event or Christmas parade in London or the UK, so get in touch soon and book him before someone else does.

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