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Interactive Polar Bear Show

The story of our polar bear began in the Arctic North of Canada. Abandoned as a cub he was discovered and raised by an Arctic conservationist. Today, our polar bear and his companion travel the world sharing stories of the beautiful and delicate world of the Arctic.

Our polar bear is completely comfortable people, so if you get the chance to meet him then you might get to give him a stroke or a pat – If you’re brave enough.

Alongside his arctic conservationist, our polar bear in the centrepieces of an interactive show, which involves both a petting zoo and a nature documentary.

During the show, you will learn how exactly Arctic polar bears survive in the wild and will be given the chance to get up close and meet our bear! His friendly personality and love for being patted will give you a magical and interactive experience.

Ideal for family audiences of 100-200 people per sitting, this entertainment is ideal for private parties, family fun day events and much more. For more information on how to book this interactive polar bear show, simply get in contact today.

Watch it Here!

Our incredible Interactive Polar Bear Show will blow away you and children with it’s likeness to a real bear. This delightful walkabout act will entertain and excite the children as interact and learn more about polar bears and their habitat. Our fun-filled Polar Bear will charm everyone he meets and the children will definitely make a new friend. Take a look at our video of this gentle creature in action.

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Enquiry Response

Walkabout polar bear show for hire in London and the UK


  • The Polar Bear performs 3 x 20 minutes or 2 x 30 minutes static shows per day. We require a minimum 40-minute break between shows.
  • The Polar Bear performs in an oval area approx. 5m deep by 7m wide (see attached plan). The size can be reduced to a minimum of 4m x 4m if necessary. The bigger the space, the more people can see!
  • The fan that inflates our iceberg requires a 13 amp, 240v power supply; we can use either a domestic 3 pin source or a c-form. We only require one plug socket.
  • We need a firm, level, and clear area for the performance.
  • We require the provision of a steward or barriers to look after the performance area in
    between performances in case children mistake it for a bouncy castle
  • The performance area should be no more than 20 paces from the backstage area with no stairs or lifts smaller than 2m x 3m in between.
  • As the Polar Bear Show works on the basis that the audience can interact with the polar bear we do not perform on stages unless they are any more than 6 inches high.

Backstage area

  • We require 3m x 3m clear, clean floor space in our backstage area. We have changed in a wide range of places from empty shops to marquees and loading bays, but toilets are never appropriate!
  • Our backstage area should be secure and private, have chairs to sit on and a clean floor or floor covering. Please supply a minimum of 2 litres of drinking water.


Please note that during the winter season (November to December in the UK) we do not perform in outdoor areas. If you are unsure about whether the space you have is appropriate please do get in touch with us or our agent, we’ll be happy to talk it through.

Performing in a Polar Bear is a very hot occupation; we have never yet had to miss or delay a performance due to excessive heat but we reserve the right to halt or alter a performance if we feel the safety of our performers is threatened. We require shade to be provided in heat of 25 degrees Celsius or more, under a tree is fine.

When working in hot climates we reserve the right to request air-conditioned performance and changing areas to protect the safety and well-being of our performers. Failure to provide these may result in cancellation of the show.

We don’t perform in snow, rain of any kind, or on ice or imitation ice. Please note that some fake snow is made up of foam which is very damaging to the Polar Bear’s fur; please ensure we are sited clear of snow machines if you have them.

Shopping centre walkabout entertainment for hire.
Polar bear shows for hire in London and the UK for family friendly events.


  • We bring a portable 1k PA and radio microphone with us for events where we are performing our full show. If you anticipate large crowds or a very noisy event it may be worth considering the provision of a louder PA.
  • We require free parking to be provided at the venue for a van or car. We travel in a variety of vehicles including a high-top, long-wheel-base van which won’t fit into height-restricted car parks such as multi-stories. Please make sure that there is somewhere as close as possible for us to unload, and that we are provided with clear directions to the unloading/parking area before the event.


  • Please understand that all our props are lovely and clean, white and dry and that we’d like them to stay that way. In situations where undue wear and tear is put on our equipment, we reserve the right to charge for cleaning/repair expenses.

This technical specification is considered to be a binding part of any contracted performance of the Polar Bear, and we reserve the right to cancel a performance in the case of inappropriate technical provision.

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