Festive Farmer Ducks

The Festive Farmer Ducks is a delightful walkabout act comprised of passionate children’s entertainers that’s perfect for Christmas themed events.

These experienced Christmas entertainers and their adorable walkabout animal characters will provide an abundance of family fun at your Winter Wonderland shopping centre event in the UK.

Reasons To Book Our Festive Farmer Ducks:

  • Highly interactive Christmas walkabout act that will engage with all guests, young or old
  • Performed for well-known clients – BBC Teachers TV, Libya Peace Concert, Nokia
  • These Christmas entertainers bring an essence of Winter Wonderland to any atmosphere
  • Our children’s entertainers are always a huge hit with your little ones
  • Beautifully designed, realistic-looking walkabout animal character costumes
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Watch Our Festive Farmer Ducks In Action!

Watch the brilliant Festive Farmer Ducks in action! Here’s the chance to have a better look at what these children’s entertainers are all about, performing their excellent walkabout act at this Christmas themed event.

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Read more about our Festive Farmer Ducks

It’s safe to say that our coveted Christmas entertainers – The Festive Farmer Ducks – have been keeping other children’s entertainers on their toes over the past 15 years, with their adorable walkabout act.

After making a good impression at all sorts of Christmas themed events, these walkabout animal characters for hire have built up a remarkable reputation amongst their enviable client base. This walkabout act will be the icing on the cake of your next shopping centre event in London or the UK.

These children’s entertainers have gone all out with their costumes, which make the walkabout animal characters glisten as if they’re fresh from a paddle in the lake. The effort these Christmas entertainers have put into ensuring every aspect of their walkabout act exemplifies perfection is applaudable and hasn’t been going unnoticed at shopping centre events.

Leaving a trail of happy customers and clients in their path, these children’s entertainers have enjoyed huge success with this walkabout act.

Doing it on the biggest stages is something that these Christmas entertainers relish. The BBC, Nokia and Hennessy are just some of the global brands whose events have been graced with this walkabout act. Here’s a snippet of the abundance of glowing feedback these children’s entertainers have received over the years – ‘Once again awestruck by the amazing spectacle, feathers flowing, smiles dazzlingly.’ – proving these walkabout animal characters are the real deal.

Don’t miss out on these sought after Christmas entertainers for your next shopping centre event in London or the UK, as they bring to the table something you’ll struggle to find in your average walkabout act. These children’s entertainers will hold a place in the hearts of every man women and child at your next Christmas themed event, so get in touch with us soon and book them before someone else does.

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