LED Christmas Hover Dancers

Our cutting-edge LED Hoverboard dancers are an innovative entertainment option that will create a wow-factor at your next event.

Our Christmas-themed Hoverboard dancers have all the traditional festive images appearing on their LED Pixel suits which make for an incredibly fun time for all.

Why Book Our LED Christmas Hover Dancers?

  • High-tech LED Pixel suits & cutting-edge hoverboards
  • Can be hired as an introductory show or standalone show
  • Perfect as walkabout & meet & greet entertainment
  • Fun-filled Christmas-themed graphics
  • Are based in London & Germany
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Watch Our LED Christmas Hover Dancers In Action!

Watch in amazement as our multi-talented dancers whizz around on their LED-lit hover boards. Bedecked in Pixel Video Suits that are festooned in Christmas-themed graphics such as presents, Santa suits, Christmas elves and more. Our LED hoverboard dancers are a stunning form of technology-themed entertainment that will create an exciting for all at your next event.

Read More About Our LED Christmas Hover Dancers

Our high-tech LED Hoverboard dancers are an exciting attraction that will create a wonderful talking point and unforgettable glow show at your next event. These walkabout LED performers wear high-tech LED Pixel Video Suits which allows them to broadcast specifically Christmas-themed images and animations as well as company logos. These high-tech technology dancers are an innovative act who will create an exciting LED glow show for all.

You’ll be delighted as snowflakes fall as our technology dancers perform or as they magically transform into Santa Claus. Our Christmas-themed technology dancers are all about creating a high-tech Christmas atmosphere. These LED dancers are a talented group of performers who will delight and intrigue everyone with their LED glow show at your next event.

These technology dancers offer an incredible LED glow show that is perfect for the whole family. Our LED Pixel dancers can be hired as a standalone LED act or as an introductory glow show for our bigger LED stage shows. The technology-themed LED dancers can also be hired as walkabout and meet and greet entertainment. The versatility of our technology dancers truly has no limits. Our technology dancers will be sure to make your event a success with their LED glow show.

Clients and guests will be delighted as our colourful, Christmas-themed LED dancers zoom around them creating a magical effect wherever they go. LED dancers have become incredibly popular due to the original and unique nature of the act. These LED dancers have performed across the world and are always looking for the next exciting location to perform at. Our technology dancers are always in high demand and have performed for a number of prestigious clients such as; The Gadget Show live, Viacom, Peugeot and many more.

Through the use of high-tech technology and cutting-edge LED lighting, our LED dancers have created a stunning LED glow show that will be sure to mesmerise everyone at your next event. These stunning technology dancers use the latest in LED technology to create an unforgettable LED glow show.

Our high-tech Christmas-themed hoverboard LED dancers are a fun-filled technology entertainment option that will compliment any Christmas-themed corporate event. These interactive high-tech LED dancers are incredibly eye-catching and will be sure to captivate everyone at your next event. Our LED dancers wear programmable LED Pixel video suits which allow them to broadcast almost any image. These LED dancers have bases in London and Germany and have performed at numerous events internationally. This LED glow show is an exciting blend of LED technology, dance choreography and exciting music.

Our roaming LED Pixel dancers have bases in London and Germany and are perfectly situated to perform for events around the world. These high-tech technology dancers have created a spectacular LED glow show which is perfect to hire for a wide range of events. Our technology dancers create perfectly choreographed dance routines that will leave you spellbound.

These LED dancers have created a truly original LED glow show through the use of changing LED Christmas graphics. Our LED glow show is the perfect technology entertainment to book for corporate events and brand reveals.

Our Christmas-themed hoverboard dance show is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; corporate events, product launches and Christmas-themed events across the UK & Germany. We have a wide selection of Christmas-themed walkabout entertainment that is available to hire for all events in the UK and across the world. If you would like to book these technology dancers, simply get in contact today.

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