The Frosty Fairies

Our frosty fairies are a duo of sparkling Christmas entertainers who will be the main attraction at your corporate event this winter.

This stunning walkabout act is available to hire for Winter Wonderland and Christmas themed events in London and the UK.

Why Book The Frosty Fairies?

  • Strikingly beautiful performers adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals
  • Experienced Christmas entertainers will create a warm and magical atmosphere
  • Walkabout act has performed for Richard Branson and at Kensington Palace
  • A versatile act, certain to bring a comedic element to any performance
  • Available for corporate events, Winter Wonderland and Christmas Themed Events
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The Frosty Fairies are two of the most visually captivating Christmas entertainers we have on offer. The walkabout act is comprised of two beautiful, nymph-like ice fairies, who will prance around your corporate event in London or the UK, enchanting fascinated guests as they go. They are an ideal option if you want to create a magical and friendly atmosphere at your Winter Wonderland or Christmas themed event this winter, as these Christmas entertainers have proven they’re an instant hit with guests.

This walkabout act never fails to amaze all guests at corporate events, and previous clients have put this down to a combination of two things: their spectacular costumes and comic repertoire. Not only do these Christmas entertainers inspire awe with their otherworldly beauty, but impress guests of Christmas themed events with their quick-wit and vibrant personalities. Your Winter Wonderland wouldn’t be the same without this marvellous walkabout act and its versatility.

These coveted Christmas entertainers have clients queuing out the door to make public the abundance of kind words they have for them. These aren’t just any old clients either, having performed at a corporate event hosted by Richard Branson and made an appearance at a Winter Wonderland at Kensington Palace. One previous client had this to say about the magnificent walkabout act – ‘Absolutely EVERYONE commented on how funny they were, and how they really helped our guests to relax and broke the ice’.

Words don’t do justice to this incredible walkabout act and what they bring to the table for Winter Wonderland corporate events. They are categorically unique and nonpareil and just cannot go amiss at your next Christmas themed event in London or the UK. For more information on how to book these Christmas entertainers as a walkabout act, get in touch with us as soon as you can!

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