Yeti & Explorer

He’s big, he’s bad, he’s born again! Not just back with a new coat, but with a brand new aluminium chassis, our Yeti is looking better than ever.

Our Yeti & Explorer walkabout act has had the pleasure of working with the Scissor Sister’s on their DVD and has even played the Albert Hall with them.

Not actually on stilts, but 9ft tall and 6ft wide, so he might as well be, our Yeti is huge in size but still easily approachable.

Our Yeti is made from jointed mechanical construction and an incredible outfit. This Christmas walkabout act is a very popular character, especially with the ladies who just love to hug the big teddy bear. Don’t worry if you mistake him for Bigfoot, he is often also mistaken for the Abominable Snowman.

This Yeti walkabout act is perfect for; shopping centre entertainment, Christmas Parties, corporate events, Winter Wonderland Events, product launches and much more.

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