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Aerial Shows

Our Aerial Performances has three stunning aerial shows to enchant and amaze your audience, the Diamond, the Heliosphere and Arco.

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  • Totally Unique
  • Quick set-up and removal
  • High skill and Experience
  • Work internationally

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The Heliosphere

Spiralling and spinning and seemingly weightless, an acrobat suspended beneath a helium balloon explores the uncharted space between street level and rooftops. The Heliosphere is a show performed to music which is both aerobatic and interactive to create the illusion of flying.

The Diamond

Evoking lines of gothic vaulted ceilings, this structure has resonances from the past but is definitely something from the future. Filling with air from flat, it inverts, and, lifting the aerialist with it, the Diamond creates images of a giant unfolding orchid before achieving a full 11m height, a taut crystalline form. Lighting changes colour on the internal and external facets while the aerialist dances at seven metres high inside.


A free-standing, air-filled arch 12m high, changing colour with its own light show while perfectly framing the amazing aerial performer. The audience can watch in the round or pass beneath while the aerialist interacts overhead. It pops out of a bag within minutes and the reflective surface is perfect for projecting video content onto.

The performance installation is paged into position from the ground or platform to any height, the performance is choreographed to music. Pyrotechnics concealed on the other end of the frame create a spectacular finale.

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