Fire-Breather Duo

Our boundary-pushing firebreathers put on a stunning fire show for any type of event. The multi-skilled acrobat performers have worked with some impressive clients including Renault and Samsung.

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Reasons to Book Our Fire-Breather Duo:

  • Our circus performers have worked with the likes of Audi and Samsung
  • Our firebreathing aerialists have performed at over 500 shows worldwide
  • These firebreathers are national champions in six different sports and categories
  • This fire show is suitable for a variety of events – multi-skilled acrobats
  • These firebreathers had their own weekly TV show in 2017

To keep on top of the game, our gymnast duo trains with world-class, professional athletes. As a result of their hard work and stunning performances, our circus performers had their own TV show in 2017.

Our talented acrobat performers are a unique and valuable addition to any event because of the dramatic nature of the fire show. They will blow away your audience with the impressive skills the gymnast duo possess.

Our firebreathers always put on a stunning show, whatever the occasion may be. As a result, they are one of our more popular acrobatic performers.

These firebreathing aerialists have worked with some high-end clients, including BMW, Samsung and IBM. The firebreathers have also performed on a TedX conference. The firebreathing aerialists are very experienced acrobat performers as they have performed over 500 shows worldwide.

These firebreathing aerialists are national champions in six different sports and categories. To get to this stage, the gymnast duo work and train with World Boxing Champions and Olympians on a regular basis. Our fire show performers even had their own weekly TV show in 2017, proving they are a talented gymnast duo.

The firebreathers are suitable for a variety of events, due to the range of skills the gymnast duo possess. They are not just a fire show. Whatever the occasion, the firebreathing aerialists will not fail to perform at your event. The extreme nature of the fire show and the showmanship of the firebreathers will keep your audience on edge and entertained for the duration of the event.

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