Swaying Poles

This is a breathtaking acrobatic sway pole show, which is unrivalled.

These talented performers have earned universal acclaim for their daring stunts on sky-scraping sway poles, completely free of wires and safety means.

They can bend their sway poles to a perilous 40-degree angle. They also feature an unbelievable and risky mid-air sway pole exchange, where all members of this high flying group of acrobats can actually exchange sway poles in mid-air.

In addition, they are the only entertainers anywhere to perform a gruelling hand over hand climb up their super tall poles. The act’s fantastic finale is performed with the upside-down human free-fall plunge to the ground below.

If you are looking for something incredible for a grand finale to your event or even a high-flying spectacle for your festival then this is certainly worth a view. This is circus acrobatic shows at its best, as the giant sway poles are a part of an incredible circus troupe to hire for your event.

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