Dr Derailed Circus Freak Show

Dr Derailed is the freak show and circus entertainer that TV is too afraid to broadcast! It has been said of this circus performer that Jackass and Dirty Sanchez are weak in comparison. This is the ultimate circus freak show.

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Reasons to Book Dr Derailed circus freak show:

  • 90-minute & 45-minute shows available
  • High-impact show that includes; a bed of glass, on stage body piercing & nose drilling
  • Freak show also includes; contortion, acrobatics, chainsaw performance & more
  • No illusions in the show, everything‚Äôs real; including the blood
  • Seriously scary freak show, not for the faint-hearted

If you’re looking for a show that will keep guests on the edge of their seats our Dr Derailed circus freak show is the show for you. Not for the faint-hearted, Dr Derailed and his group of freaks perform gory stunts that push their bodies to the limits.

This show is a great entertainment option for our Twisted Circus and Halloween themed events, adding real drama to your event. We also offer all kinds of other circus and stunt performers for your events.


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Freak Show – Watch it Here!

Prepare to be thoroughly freaked out by our very freak show. Nothing is off limits for these highly-trained entertainers. From saws to piercings and more, you will not believe your eyes when you watch this show. There are no illusions or fake blood used in this show, everything you see is 100% real. Watch for yourself and prepare to be amazed and possibly disgusted.

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