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The Shillibeers Bar & Grill ‘Rustic Montana’ Bespoke Christmas Tree

Designed for our client at Shillibeers Bar & Grill London, the Shillibeers Christmas tree is a Montana/Log cabin style design. We created this tree to suite this quirky bars surroundings, with its wooden style features and warm home cooked food environment.

This tree, like all of our luxury Christmas designs is absolutely package with 6 layers of decorations. From luxury fabrics in silvers, whites, browns and creams to wooden ornaments and high end quality decorations that mould themselves in to the fixtures of the building. The tree stands 12ft from the ground and is placed on wooden pallets that also sports and illuminating base.

The base was accompanied by luxury Rosette linen which gave it extra texture and took the light extremely well. on top of the linen sat buckets of wooden trees, stars and acorns which gave off a fantastic forest smell.

The tree itself is package with so many features it became a talking point for all the guests as they dined at this fantastic venue. The attention to detail we pride ourselves in when create spectacular Christmas tree designs makes it so that anyone who passes by may take up to 15 minutes to take it all in. where there is one decoration there is sure to be 4 or 5 more around it.

In addition to this we created a unique topper that gave it a final touch that was seen as soon as guests walked in to the venue.

If you would like to see more of our beautiful Christmas creations then please take a look at our Pinterest pages, where we showcase our full range of Commercial Christmas Trees and decorations. If you would like to see some beautiful side displays to go alongside our trees, then you could also view our bespoke Christmas side displays page also. We focus on only presenting the finest and most well displayed trees in the UK with our unique style of dressing and design, which can all be seen via the links below.

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