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The Trafalgar Hotel ‘Wintery Woodland’ Bespoke Christmas Tree

The ‘Wintery Woodland’ is a set of three bespoke Christmas trees that we personally designed for our clients at the Trafalgar Hotel. These trees were designed as the main Christmas display in the entire building and truly filled that purpose as it attracted the eyes of thousands of passers by.

This bespoke Christmas tree was particularly amazing, as it featured a based design that joined all three trees together and made one long wintery snow scene. Along with an extremely creative and detailed base design, this bespoke Christmas tree features a selection of hand picked ornaments and decorations, detailed fabrics and materials and a range of high quality lights and LEDs.

Designed as an exclusive tree for the Trafalgar hotel, this bespoke Christmas tree is a perfect example of the larger bespoke Christmas tree displays we can offer at Julia Charles Event Management. Our bespoke Christmas trees are available for venues across the UK and are available this Christmas time!

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