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Trafalgar Hotels ‘Ice Forest’ Bespoke Christmas Tree

The ‘Ice Forest’ bespoke Christmas tree was designed exclusively for our long-standing clients at the Trafalgar Hotel. The idea behind this tree was to create something that felt very natural and elegant, while still keeping an extremely high standard of wow factor we weave into the concepts of our trees.

This creation was one of two completely bespoke trees that were built using our luxury synthetic Christmas trees, hand made decorations and several layers of lights, ribbon and other amazing bespoke details.

This tree was very accurately named the ‘Ice Forrest’ due to its combination of white and silver colours, blue highlights and nature-themed decorations, making it a particularly eye-catching display. These trees were built as one off designs for the Trafalgar Hotel and are a perfect representation of the level of detail we are able to go into with a white and silver winter Christmas tree and a basic space to place it.

All of our trees are uniquely designed to suit you and your venue and is completely representative of your theme or area. To find out more about our beautiful bespoke Christmas trees, simply get in touch to speak to one of our event managers.

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