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Flamenco Ballet Dancers

Our Spanish-themed ballet dancers will create a wonderfully passionate atmosphere for you and your guests!

These talented ballet dancers have performed at and graduated from some of the most prestigious ballet institutions from around the world. These Flamenco-themed ballet dancers will be sure to bring the heat and create an unforgettable experience for all.

Reasons to Book These Artists

  •  Can be booked as a duet or solos
  •  The male dancer holds numerous qualifications from international ballet schools
  •  The female dancer has performed in the Bucharest National Opera House
  •  Both dancers have performed worldwide
  •  Stunning & cutting-edge choreography

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Read more about our Flamenco Ballet Dancers:

Our Spanish-themed ballet dancers for hire will create an exciting time for you and your guests. These talented event ballerinas are both accomplished dancers who have performed worldwide. Our female ballet dancer has performed at the Bucharest National Opera House. Our male ballet dancer has attended and gained several qualifications from international ballet schools from around the world.

These stunning ballet dancers can be hired as either a duo or solos which show how versatile they are. Our Spanish-themed ballet dancers put a unique twist on the classical ballet of old. These accomplished dancers have infused the passion and costumes of Flamenco dancing with traditional ballet moves to create this unique show.

Our male dancer is also a renowned choreographer as well as a stage and costume designer and creates amazing routines for the show. Our Spanish-themed ballet dancers wear some incredible costumes that help to create the perfect ambience. Our male ballet dancer is dressed head-to-toe in black in a Matador’s outfit. Our stunning female ballerina has a flowing red flamenco-style dress that evokes passion and intensity.

These incredible ballet dancers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; gala dinners, corporate events or award ceremonies in London and across the UK.

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