Drive-Thru Event Experience

We are now able to provide Drive-Thru event experiences, which can include a simple cinema screening, game shows, live band performances, comedy shows and much more.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines having a huge impact on how we can host and manage events, we have had to adapt a traditional stage production event to a ‘drive-thru event experience’.

This allows you to enjoy an event in your own social bubbles in a COVID-safe manner.

We recommend having a minimum of 100 vehicles, with a maximum of 250-300 vehicles to get the most out of the experience. Our team can source an area for your drive-thru event to take place if you do not already have one sourced or booked.

We provide all of the equipment, staff, barriers, signage, stage and everything required to create the best drive-thru event experiences. We provide the crew required to set this up. The drive-thru event experience works well with large LED screens either side of the stage, which again can be catered to your requirements.; you won’t need to worry about a thing!

This service is completely customisable – you can pick and choose the services you require.

What Drive-Thru Experiences Can We Create?

  • Drive-Thru Cinema Experience
  • Live Music Experiences
  • Quiz Games, Interactive Games
  • Comedy Shows
  • Bespoke experiences; we can customise our drive-thru event experiences to your exact requirements
  • ‘Ticketed’ events
  • Bespoke Stage Shows; our stage is 12m x 8m but we can provide alternative sizes suited to your requirements.

All of the above can be customised to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. These drive-thru event experiences can happen several times a day for however long you may require them, making this a very popular option for Shopping Centre and Retail Outlet clients (as this can be set-up very easily in a car park for example).

Our clients usually like to ‘ticket’ these drive-thru event experiences, prices from £30 per vehicle.

Additional Information and Solutions

Clients who book this COVID-safe event experience worry about Car windows steaming up if the weather is poor or raining. To avoid this, we are able to provide a large marquee for the cars to park under. This allows visitors to wind their windows down and still have full visibility of the screens etc.

We provide Cleaning Stations for those in attendance to make the Drive-Thru event experience as safe as possible. We integrate one-way systems and hire marshalls to oversee the event and ensure COVID-19 rules and guidelines are followed by all.

Lastly, we are able to provide Catering Services in a way that is compliant with COVID-19 guidelines. Visitors can pre-order drinks and order drinks on an app on their phone where waiters/waitresses can bring any food and drinks to their cars. Similar to ordering food or drinks to a table at a restaurant with COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Safety is paramount of our concerns and we have covered every aspect of these events to ensure they fully comply with COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

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