Meet A Real Dinosaur Show

Meet A Real Dinosaur! This Dinosaur Show is a fun-filled show for people of all ages.

Come and meet Tiny the dinosaur, a 125 million years young dinosaur for hire brought to life by the wonders of modern science.

You can pet her, you can feed her, you can talk to this brilliant dinosaur act for hire in dinosaur language; just make sure you avoid the dreaded Thagomizer or you might end up extinct yourself!

This wonderful dinosaur walkabout act is accompanied by a palaeontologist who presents a lively and informative natural history show in which audiences are encouraged to share their knowledge of dinosaurs and to come up with some scientific theories of their own – comparative anatomy has never been so much fun.

‘Meet the real Dinosaur’ is an interactive performance in which the audience are invited to feed and pet this dinosaur for hire and to share their knowledge of dinosaurs. The show is presented by a palaeontologist who presents a lively and interactive natural history show and encourages the audience to come up with palaeontological theories of their own.

Our ideal audience is a mixed family audience of all ages and abilities of between 100-250 people.

To date, this Dinosaur show hire has been performed in a large number of spaces including high streets, museums, parks, exhibition halls, dinosaur shows for shopping centres and holiday parks. We always arrive at the venue with plenty of time to check the areas and have never been unable to perform because we have not found a suitable space.

However, being well prepared is always advisable so please do read this technical guide carefully. If in doubt call us, we are always happy to talk it over – we are very nice really!

‘You can hire a dinosaur to perform an interactive show for our set. Our dinosaur for hire is only available for ‘meet and greet’ at private events with limited public access.

if you are looking to hire a dinosaur then this brilliant dinosaur act for hire can perform 3 x 25 minute or 2 x 30-minute shows per day, with a minimum of 30 minutes break between each show for the performers to rest. All the shows are the same format so spacing them out is advisable.

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