LED Drumming Troupe

Our colour-changing LED percussionists are an enthralling act that will be sure to leave audiences mesmerised. These LED musicians combine incredible drumming skills with rich and vibrant LED lighting to create a spellbinding show that is completely unforgettable.

Why Book Our LED Drumming Troupe?

  • Features dynamic choreography, high-impact drumming & incredible LED lighting
  • A thrilling display of sound, smoke, light & movement
  • Highly versatile troupe who can perform static sets & parades
  • Engaging show that thrives off audience participation
  • Available to book for events in the UK & internationally
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Watch Our LED Drumming Troupe In Action!

Take a look at our extraordinary LED Drumming Troupe. Our talented LED collective has the most dazzling outfits which accompany their LED-lit drums. These talented drummers will literally light up your event with their energetic display that has wowed thousands of people all over the world.

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Our high-tech LED Drumming Troupe for hire are a spellbinding collective who will immediately captivate your audience.

Our technology-themed LED drummers have performed all over the world mesmerising thousands of people as they go. This stunning high-tech LED drumming show combines the latest LED technology, wearable technology costumes and sharp choreography to create a completely breathtaking glow show.

Our LED glow show is a completely unique display that is perfect wowing giant crowds at any one time.

The technology-themed LED drumming troupe is made up of 5-7 performers who are all dressed in glistening silver and white costumes which are further highlighted by the black and white makeup, intriguing hats and colour-changing LED drums.

This sensational high-tech LED drumming troupe are all about producing a dynamic performance that is full of energy and charm. With elements of street theatre included, our high-tech LED drummers have a wide skill set that will entertain everyone who watches this fascinating LED glow show.

Our technology-themed LED glow show is truly a spectacle to behold. Our colour-changing LED drummers can make an impact any time of the day, but especially at night.

By using the smoke and vibrant LED colours, our high-tech LED drummers are even more eye-catching at night. This LED glow show will provide the perfect night-time entertainment for any festival or outdoor celebration.

Through their use of unique movements, LED lighting, sound and smoke, our LED Drummers will produce a mesmerising LED glow show that is unforgettable. Our technology-themed LED drummers have taken the world by storm and have performed across the UK and internationally.

LED Drumming Troupe 4
LED Drumming Troupe 7

Our dancing LED drummers can be hired to perform as a part of a parade or as a stage performance meaning they are versatile and incredibly adaptable. As the LED drumming troupe is self-contained they can be hired for events around the world.

Our LED drumming troupe has taken this sensational LED glow show around the world and has received an incredible response and reception.

Our high-tech LED Drumming Troupe is a truly fascinating LED glow show that will create an unforgettable experience for everyone at your next event. The technology-themed LED Drummers can be hired for a wide range of events including; corporate events, product launches or carnivals in London and across the UK.

We have a wide selection of technology entertainment that is available to book for events across the UK and across the world.

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