Mayhem Monster Truck Experience

Mayhem Monster Truck is a Chevrolet Silverado standing 12ft in the air, each tyre weighs in at around 700kg and her total weight is 7.5 Tonnes.

Mayhem is designed to carry passengers over cars and obstacles, we have also been asked to do prom events, static displays or attend festivals.

Our Monster Truck will demonstrate its dominance on any surface. We are able to supply the scrap cars that the Monster Truck will crush. This amazing truck will stun and amaze crowds of all ages and sizes.

The whole family will be able to enjoy the excitement and rush of watching our mammoth monster truck crush the scrap cars and obstacles with ease.

This Monster Truck is the perfect form of entertainment to hire for an array of events and venues. It will create an arena-like atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

Our Mayhem Monster Truck is the perfect entertainment option for your family fun days, festivals, corporate events, weddings and much more.

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