Bespoke Buzz Wire Game

So why is this buzz wire different from the rest? Well, for other buzz wire hire game you are given an option of shapes and potentially the addition of your logo being featured on the side, with our bespoke buzz wires you can bring your brand into the 3rd dimension!

You send us a shape, logo, text style or design and we can make your buzz wire custom to your exhibition!

With our easy setup buzz wire equipment you can have the fun of a buzz wire with the marketing advantage of displaying your companies signature image! Both normal-sized and giant versions you can have the complete freedom to entertain your guests and overall bring in foot traffic!

It’s not all work and business, you can hire this amazing attraction for parties, birthdays and corporate event or basically anything you can come up with.

From extremely affordable starting prices you can hire this game to make your event buzz louder than the rest!

How does it work? You have 60 seconds to complete the course without making contact with the wire more than three times. As you play the bespoke buzz wire will play a series of intense and nerve-racking sound effects!

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