Oscar the Robot

Oscar was ‘specifically’ designed and built for the exhibition and conference industries. As such he has particular attributes that allow clients to maximise their returns from such.

The sole purpose of having Oscar present is to generate footfall and draw attention to a client’s stand, their products, or their services. To help achieve and maximise these goals, Oscar can engage with delegates in ‘real’ conversations, so highlighting particular USP’s.

In addition to this, he can distribute ‘promotional’ material from his tray as well as run ‘stand competitions’, whereby the client would generate leads to follow up ‘post’ event. Another feature client’s use is the inbuilt iPad.

This can be programmed to run PowerPoint’s, or movie files for up to seven hours per/day. The iPad is located in front of his chest and can be seen in several of the attached images. To maximise the ‘visual’ impact he has, clients can have Oscar branded with their corporate identity, again examples of which can be seen above and show the various branding opportunities available.

Without question and from many years of experience within the industry, I can tell you that the ‘most’ effective positions for him (Oscar) to be located at events, is ‘front’ of the stand, from where he would generate a great deal of attention.

We find that ‘many’ delegates or guests will ask, or want to have their photograph taken whilst stood next to him, this is best done with the client’s exhibition stand as the backdrop.

Whilst doing so, this gives sales staff the stand the ideal opportunity to engage with the delegate(s), often stepping in to take these photos with the delegates own mobile phone. Another benefit for clients is the free publicly many generate as a result of his presence on their stand, or at their event.

This can vary from event and trade publications, videos, local and national press and TV coverage. Event organisers often hire Oscar to meet and greet at their events, offsetting the daily hire costs by offering sponsors the opportunity to brand him in front of the show.

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