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Extreme Free Fall Airbags

Well here it is, the new addition to the Julia Charles extreme sports page: our Extreme Free-fall Airbags!

This extreme sports attraction is one of the biggest and best in the UK offering its service to the Nations parties, festivals, business events and public functions.

Our Free fall airbags are some of the safest, most entertaining and extreme attractions you could possibly hire for your events.

This attraction is not only fun for those involved but also it’s something spectacular that everyone will gather to watch; with the airbags being so massive in size and looking so fun you’ll struggle to turn away.

Pictures, videos, tweets, posts, you’ll be able to spread your brand across the globe with our completely customizable corporate branding on both the Giant Airbags and jump towers.

For a sports attraction as extreme as this, safety is our primary concern. The attraction itself is completely supervised as well as meeting to the highest level of safety standard.

The airbag is some of the most advanced and tested soft impact technology, which will be sure to keep everyone safe, and everyone smiling.

This extreme sports attraction is certainly a must-have for any sort of event or function, suitable for any age, our giant airbags are absolutely captivating with its rush of fun, laughs and adrenaline.

See Them in Action!

Here you will find our amazing airbags in action with some of the adrenaline chasers that took this amazing piece of equipment on America’s got talent and tried to perform the biggest jumps! Our free fall air bags are the perfect addition to any event and you truly need to see it believe it.

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