The Pumpkin Heads

Ideal for weird Halloween party meet and greets, Night club walkabout performances, spooky podium sets and crazed stage shows.

These giant pumpkin head performers can also gain extra height by performing on stilts or check out the strange moves of a ballerina pumpkin head in her tutu and pointe shoes.

There are many possibilities including tap dancing pumpkin heads in tailcoats and tap shoes or Jack and Jill ‘O Lanterns duet. These Pumpkin characters could also turn comical for children’s Halloween events.

This Halloween themed dance troupe also works well as a flash mob for shopping centres, perfect for viral campaigns and product launches.


  • Performance sets are adaptable to fit the clients brief
  • Unique act and extremely versatile
  • Immersive experience like no other
  • Professional and experienced performers
  • Flashmob style Ballet dancers
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