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The Medieval Harlequins

Our roaming performers are an acrobatic duo who perform in handmade costumes that are made of crushed velvet and antique leather.

These mix and mingle entertainers have a wide variety of circus skills which include: Acro-Juggling, Hand Balance, Stilt Walking and Hula Hoop. These Vintage circus performers are perfect for Medival Festivals.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Their costumes have been designed by Royal Opera House costume designer, Illona Karas
  • Previous clients include; Harvey Nichols, Hampton Court Palace & The British Museum
  • Our Street Entertainers are Internationally renowned having performed across 18 countries
  • Our Medieval Act has been seen by over 200,000 people
  • Are available to host Christmas & Winter Wonderland events

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Our Acrobatic performers are a medieval act that can dazzle you with their multiple skills. This interactive act is perfect for meet and greet entertainment, as they can also be hired to host your event.

These Vintage Circus performers have performed across the country and the world. Our Mix and Mingle entertainers are a lively acrobatic duo, that will create an abundance of joy at your next event.

This medieval act has performed for the likes of; Harvey Nichols, The British Museum, LUSH Cosmetics and Hampton Court Palace to name a few. With such an impressive list of previous clients, our street entertainers will be sure to wow any audience member.

Our acrobatic performers can juggle with almost any object, these mischievous jesters will create a comedic time for all as they juggle with bizarre items.

The range of skills these street entertainers posses includes; Acro-Juggling, Acrobalance, Acrobatic Tumbling, Hula Hooping and Stilt Walking. Our vintage circus performers wear hand made costumes made by Royal Opera House costume designer Ilona Karas.

These costumes would fit perfectly at any medieval festival or fayre. Our Medieval Jesters would be fit for any King or Queen, delighting the nobility and maidens of any decade. These Acrobatic performers can also act as the perfect photo opportunity.


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Our Acro Juggling performer is perfect for corporate events across London & the UK.

Our Vintage Circus performers will amaze you with their jaw-dropping skills. These mischievous acrobatic performers will playfully interact with your guests as they walkabout juggling at any event. As a Circus Entertainment Agency our street entertainers can easily display acrobatic routines as they balance on one another. This medieval act can also be hired either as a solo or a duo act which shows how versatile they are. These adaptable acrobatic performers are perfectly suited to host Christmas and Winter Wonderland events as well as medieval festivals.

If you’re looking for mix and mingle entertainers for your corporate function then look no further because our medieval act has a multitude of skills that will blow you away. Guests will be amazed as our acrobatic performers begin to tumble in front of their eyes. From cartwheels to flips, our energetic vintage circus performers will keep you mesmerised.

These comedic acrobatic performers will display elegant hand balance routines, that will leave guests in wonderment. Our Street Entertainers will show off their technical skills by performing visually stunning hula hoop routines. These walkabout entertainers will also playfully demonstrate their stilt walking abilities as they hop around on sprung stilts.

Our mix and mingle entertainers are a delightfully playful medieval act that is available to book across the UK and Worldwide. These Street Entertainers can be booked for events such as; Corporate Events, Medieval Festivals, and Christmas Themed Events.

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