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The Dummy can be booked as individual walk-act for almost any kind of event. For example as a typical crash-test-dummy at car shows, at receptions or in welcome areas, as a display dummy at trade fairs or as a messenger-of-love at weddings.

Technically accomplished, innovative and customizable to suit your theme, the Dummy can be deployed in almost any situation. Everything is possible; whether walking, standing, sitting or even lying down!

The Dummy is a new and unique show that features technical innovation and a living machine, packed with comedy and charm.

The performance is a choreographed combination of music and musical effects. When Dummy displays his inimitable sense of rhythm, the audience just can’t stop laughing!

This performer can perform in multiple ways, such as a conventional walk about, living doll or statue, give away distributor or guest welcome.

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Promotion & PR
The Dummy offers a unique art of promotion and communication as advertisement tool and PR-module. Today at the fast growing and hectic world the modern art of messages and information management is the basement more and more. Brands and products, as well as information, can be fast and easily announced by social-media until PR-portals.


Improving Indoor Air Quality: Better Air

Poor indoor air quality is reported to have an annual cost to the UK of over 204,000 healthy life years, with 45% of those lost to cardiovascular diseases, 23% to Asthma and Allergy and 15% to Lung Cancer. In addition, everyone is at risk, especially children and people with lung conditions. Even scarier, indoor air … Continued

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