Bespoke LED Drummer

Our bespoke LED drummer has taken everything you think you know about DJ’ing and raised it up to a whole new level.

Reasons to Book Our LED Drummer:

  • Performed for Beyoncé and Prince Harry
  • Customisable with branding and logos
  • Uses custom-built LED equipment
  • Performs in the UK and Internationally
  • One of a kind performer offering a new show
  • Can provide virtual performances

Our bespoke drummer can provide a custom show that is suited to live streaming. With the use of his studio, our drummer can bring the wow factor to your laptop screens.

By adding your own content or content which can be created for you, we are able to produce Virtual shows which can be used for Zoom calls, Go to meeting calls and any other conference call format you use.

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See how our Bespoke LED Drum Show Works!

Watch our fantastic LED drummer as he performs live. Our LED entertainment is available to hire for bespoke shows in London and the UK.

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Our LED drummers is a unique and bespoke form of LED entertainment. The High-tech drummers use some of the latest LED technology to create a truly amazing display of visual effects.

Our Visual drumming DJ’s have performed for clients such as Beyoncé and Prince Harry showing how popular the LED drummers are in the celebrity world. Hire our LED entertainment to give your guests a luxury and high-tech experience.

The LED entertainment is customisable to your individual events such as product launches. The LED drummers can include items such as your branding, symbols, shapes and words at the hit of a button.

Our visual drumming DJ’s perform all over the UK and internationally highlighting how many people want to see this unique form of LED entertainment.

The LED drummers are one of a kind and the visual drumming DJ’s shows are like nothing you have ever seen before. The LED entertainment is exciting and eye-catching for all guests at your event.

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Branded musical performances for conferences and events in the UK.

Every single note is played live by the LED drummers making the LED drummers very different from other DJ’s who often just press play.

The visual drumming DJ’s create bespoke and unique LED entertainment for all events that the Visual drumming DJ’s attend.

A standard LED entertainment show is 40 minutes long, however, this can be shorter or longer depending on the requirements of the event.

The visual LED drummers can include singers into their LED entertainment as well as stilt walkers and LED dancers making the LED entertainment show even more unique and exciting.

Simon Cowell ‘Really really liked’ the LED entertainment and with other testimonials such as ‘the most mind-blowing act, you’ll ever see on stage’ our LED drummers and some of the best-LED entertainers that you could have for your event.

Our LED drummers are available to book for product launches, corporate events and private events in London and the UK. Hire our visual drumming DJ’s for LED entertainment like nothing you’ve seen before!

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