The Rocking Belles

With killer curves, heels that could kill and harmonies to die for, this vocal trio have been called to the musical front line to lift the spirits of ladies and gentlemen around the world.

The combination of stunning close harmony vocals with bespoke big band arrangements, professional choreography and top to toe pin-up couture is the perfect act for any event. This act is perfect for vintage-themed shows and corporate events as they serve up a nostalgic mix of toe-tapping tunes from swing time songbirds and Christmas hits, right through to modern-day pop which they beat into submission with their retro sticks!

Having become a firm favourite for big brands such as Bentley, Mercedes Benz, Twitter and other renowned Businesses. Their stunning presence regularly features at major sporting events such as Epsom, FA cup final and even Wembley and are available for hire at your event in the UK and are available for hire around the World.

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