The Mobile Nautical Globe

The Mobile Nautical Globe for hire is a mesmerising act that is full of magic and wonder. The mystical Nautical Globe holds a beautiful Mermaid who has been allowed to emerge from the ocean in order to bring unlimited joy to the faces of the children and adults.

The stunning Mermaid is surrounded by an amazing selection of creatures from the deep including jellyfish, starfish and more. The Mermaid herself is an ethereal being who is bedecked in a range of beautiful blue and green tones. Her shimmering tail moves with the seaweed and the other fauna that surrounds her.

The Globe is amazing in itself as it transports the Mermaid, blows bubbles and lights up which creates a magical and captivating look that always enchants everyone.

Although the Mermaid is encapsulated in the Globe, the act is still incredibly interactive. The Mermaid encourages people to press the red button and to go forward to the glass in order to wave and connect with her.

This beautifully uplifting act will be sure to entertain and enthral everyone who lays eyes on her. The family-friendly Mobile Nautical Globe is a stunning act that is perfect to hire for a wide range of events including; ocean-themed events, family fun days or corporate events in London and across the UK.

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Mermaid in a Globe – Watch it Here!

Watch as the beautiful Mermaid enchants and interacts with the people before her. This mesmerising creature will be sure to enhance any event with her stunning costume and beautiful underwater globe. The Mobile Nautical Globe is incredibly versatile as it can be hired for both day and night events. As the day turns to night, the mystical Globe will light up creating a stunning effect for all of your guests to view.

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