Sports Juggler, Josh

Our Juggling performer Josh grew up with a passion for both juggling and athleticism, and always aspired to create something new and unique.

Josh decided he would combine the art of juggling with some of his favourite sports and produced the performances that people around the world are going mad for!

Josh’s performance features a selection of accuracy throwing, juggling and talent where he balances several different pieces of sports equipment.

His passion for basketball, combined with his skill for juggling has resulted in one of the most high energy and amazing shows in sports.

This show is deal as a half time performance, football trade show, tennis convention or anything else! Josh has it covered.

Who else has enjoyed this performer? Pepsi, Microsoft, AT&T, Cirque Du Soleil, State Farm, JELL-O, Toyota, JC Penney and CHASE, just to name a few.

As well as performing some of the biggest businesses in the world, Josh has also appeared on the hit US talk show ‘Ellen’ for his amazing skills with ping pong balls.

Josh is based in the United States and works on an international basis for clients around the world.

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