Virtual Origami Workshop

Our virtual origami workshop is a creative fun way to learn a new skill and create something beautiful!

Price From £38pp + VAT

Reasons to book our virtual origami workshop:

  • Choose your workshop length from 10mins-1.5 hours
  • Up to 1000 participants
  • Fantastic Corporate Team-Building Exercise for varying group sizes
  • Professional dual camera set up
  • Kits available to order, or bring your own materials
  • Bespoke and personalised options available
  • Live and pre-recorded sessions available
  • Hosted over Zoom or client’s chosen online platform
  • A great option for Chinese New Year

Originating from Japan but with roots in China, this Online Origami Workshop is a brilliant Virtual Cultural Workshop option. Additionally, it is also great for all kinds of corporate and private virtual events.

Sessions can last from 10 mins up to 1.5 hours but the most typical length is 1 hour.

In a one-hour virtual origami workshop, participants learn to make between 5 – 7 models, depending on the chosen shapes and the speed of the group.

The shapes taught are simple enough for beginners but look really beautiful and intricate when finished.

With groups of 50 people or less in the Virtual Corporate Origami Classes, it’s possible to help if someone gets stuck and for larger groups. The teacher always repeats the more tricky steps, so no one should get left behind.

Key Points:

  • This Workshop can be hosted on Zoom
  • The performers involved in this workshop are based in the UK, however, we cater to all time zones (can be booked for any time of the day)
  • We offer bespoke branding, such as branded paper packs to send out in prior to the workshop taking place (get in contact for more information)
  • Get in contact for Cost and Availability (guide price is £38 per person)

We can provide origami kits for these Virtual Corporate Origami Classes or for simple set-up participants can use materials they already have at home.

All workshops are currently done online via Zoom or the client can host the event on their preferred platform and invite the origami artist as a host.  A dual-camera set-up is used with professional lighting so that the participants can clearly see the teacher, as well as a top-down view of the origami being folded.

Additionally, we can tailor the Online Origami Class to your theme or brand. Using brand colours for the background or by creating themed origami models. It’s also possible to add company branding to the origami kits.

Furthermore, we can also add multiple other Virtual Entertainment Options to this Online Origami Class as well as extras such as Gift Hampers and more.

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FAQs for our virtual origami workshop

Are the shapes difficult to create?

The beauty of our online origami workshop is that all of the shapes look really beautiful and intricate but are surprisingly easy to follow. With step by step instructions, the online workshop is geared towards the group. Therefore ensuring that each individual can work at a pace that’s right for them.

We want to make our virtual origami workshop fun for everyone so we have lots of techniques geared to successfully teach any size group. Furthermore, with a brilliant camera set-up and great lighting, you will be able to clearly see each step.

What platform do you use for this online workshop?

Normally sessions are hosted via Zoom. However, speak to our event managers to organise streaming over another platform as we can also host over Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other platforms.

For our Zoom workshops, we use a two camera set up, enabling you to see both the teacher and a face-down view of the origami.

We can also offer both live and pre-recorded sessions depending on group size and event.

What materials do we need?

For a basic set-up, attendees can use materials from around their home. These could include computer paper, wrapping paper, newspapers or even magazines.

We do however offer origami kits that can be sent out to all guests including paper that is cut to size. These kits can also be branded or colour themed.

How long is the Online Origami Workshop?

Typically we would suggest around 1 hour for each session as this allows attendees to take it slow and learn to make multiple different shapes. However, we can tailor this virtual workshop to clients needs and required timings.

Get in touch with our event managers to find out more.

Who is this virtual workshop aimed at?

This is a great workshop for anybody and everybody. There is no need to have any previous experience as all shapes are taught step by step.

Our online origami workshop is a great fun and relaxing team building event and can be offered as a virtual corporate online origami class, offering branded packs. It is also a brilliant option for private virtual events, teaching guests new skills and enjoying virtual interaction with offers.

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