Zappy The Robot

Zappy the robot involves no performer but he does contain tonnes of personality.

Standing at 2 metres tall (6’6’’), he talks, dances, plays music, squirts water and causes a sensation wherever he goes. Nightlife is no problem as he is fully illuminated, making him stand out brighter than ever.

Made from all recycled materials, our little economical friend is made out of a plant pot, sandpit cover, fruit dish, CDs and many more miscellaneous objects. Controlled by a state-of-the-art digital remote control system, which is also illuminated in LED’s and is decorated in silver, gold and blue.

Zappy is the perfect robot for any environmental, futuristically or sci-fi themed events and is also a popular entertainment option for Christmas themed events. Our robot is a magical form of entertainment suitable for all ages, which engages with the audience in an exciting visual and audio manner which will leave guests amazed.

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