Ilana Yahav Sand Artist

Over her many years as a sand artist, Ilana has staged numerous performances in dozens of countries around the world, in different cultures and for people from diverse backgrounds: from small artist events, local and intimate performances to huge and grand production events for corporate clients and product launches.

One such event is her performance at the Kremlin, where she performed in front of an audience of thousands, with four orchestras accompanying her creations on stage, as well as performances before the King of Spain, the King of Belgium, and many others.

Ilana Yahav’s sand art is spectacular in its own right, but it becomes a breathtaking vision when it is created and evolves on stage in front of a live audience!

On a backlit sand table, Ilana “makes her magic” as a video camera positioned above her conveys the emerging creation live to a giant screen watched by a mesmerised audience who bond with her persona through her creations.

In her performances, Ilana draws the best of her creations, and upon request, creates new works tailored to the spirit of the event. Each artwork can be completely bespoke towards the event.

If you have a particular product, message or special occasion you would like to share with your guests then this is an extremely creative, personal and entertaining way of doing so!

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All of her performances are unique events that draw audiences into an experience and make them involved in the creative process being created before their eyes. Something captivating happens in all her performances: audiences become emotional and often teary-eyed as well.

Ilana’s creations express her desire for peace and the values of friendship, compassion, love and the protection of our environment – values that touch many hearts and arouse strong feelings. All of these values are created through her sand art and performed to the highest degree. Sand art is an extremely creative art-form that can be performed by one of our brilliant sand artists for hire.


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