The Holiday Penguins

Just as most humans like to do, the Holiday Penguins are escaping the vicious cold and migrating too much warmer climates.

These Penguins are a delightful walkabout act who were inspired by the legendary master puppeteer himself, Jim Henson.

Bedecked in floral Hawaiian shirts, cameras, a ukulele and more, these 4 fun-filled birds will create the perfect summertime atmosphere for your event.

Normally associated with the cold, our unique Holiday Penguins put a twist on the traditional habitats and behaviours of these birds.

Our friendly Holiday Penguins are available to hire as a duo or as the full colony of 4. These birds are not shy and will interact with guests and audiences by squawking, nuzzling and waddling their way around the event.

Our Holiday Penguins are an amusing group of birds who will make you wish every day was summer with their vibrant clothing and sunny vibes.

The Holiday Penguins are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; family fun days, summer festivals or corporate events all over the UK.

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Watch The Holiday Penguins In Action!

Take a look at our mischievous Holiday Penguins for hire. These vibrant birds will provide a barrel of laughs and good times to all those they meet. Kitted out in brightly coloured Hawaiian shirts, cameras, surfboards and more, these birds will bring the sunshine to your event. Watch as our Holiday Penguins playfully interact with the crowds.

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