Inferno The Fire-Breathing Dragon

Inferno the Fire-Breathing Dragon for hire is an immense metal dragon sculpture that is truly a breath-taking attraction.

Reasons To Book Inferno The Fire-Breathing Dragon:

  • Inferno The Fire-Breathing Dragon is a unique event attraction
  • Available to book for Private, Corporate and Retail Clients
  • Great for St. George’s Day Events and Celebrations
  • Always draws in a huge crowd no matter where this attraction is
  • We always receive positive feedback from clients as a result of providing this Fire-Breathing Dragon

Our fierce Dragon was made by some talented metalworkers who brought this spectacle to life. Inferno is a grand attraction and she never shy’s away from the public who have come to adore her after her many festival appearances.

Having been installed at events such as the Electric Daisy Carnival in Milton Keynes, Beat Herder in Lincolnshire and private events in Shropshire, our versatile Dragon is easily transportable. Our majestic beast sits proudly atop a grassy and flowery mound which emphasises her size and creates a stunning aesthetic to her. Inferno not only breathes fire; she also blows bubbles which make her suitable to entertain children as well.

Inferno is controlled by one of the team which allows for the breathing of fire and the blowing of bubbles. Additionally, a continuous soundtrack, smoke and lighting can all be added to enhance our amazing Dragon further. Inferno also acts as a brilliant photo opportunity as guests and members of the public can sit atop Inferno, taking stunning images.

Inferno the Fire-Breathing Dragon is a truly stunning attraction that everyone will be mesmerised by. Inferno the Fire-Breathing is the perfect entertainment option to hire for St. George’s Day events, corporate events or outdoor festivals in London and across the UK.

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