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The Joking Jester Stilt Walkers for hire are a comedic duo who will provide an abundance of interactive fun that is perfect for the whole family.

These playful Jesters are always looking for an unsuspecting member of the public to play a prank on. Full of fun and laughter, our Joking Jester Stilt Walkers will be sure to create memories for all.

This eclectic duo is dressed in vibrant, colourful clothing that makes them stand out immediately. This pair of mischievous clowns are incredibly versatile as they can be hired as walkabout entertainment that will seamlessly interact with your guests as they wander your event. Or as meet and greet entertainment that will instantly entertain your guests as they welcome them into the venue.

The Joking Jester Stilt Walkers also have their faces painted which only enhances the fun factor of the act. Our Joking Jester Stilt Walkers will be sure to create thoroughly energetic and a good time for all.

The Joking Jester Stilt Walkers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; shopping centre events, family fun days or corporate events in Australia and the UK.

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Take a look at how our thoroughly fun stilt walkers easily interact with the public. Our Joking Jester Stilt Walkers will be sure to bring a smile to your face as they parade around your event. Our colourful and seriously tall entertainers are always easy to spot and will be sure to make your laugh throughout the event.

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