Optimus Prime

Transformers. No matter how old you are or how young you are, you must agree that giant fighting robots are extremely cool.

With that in mind, why not book the leader of the auto-bots to appear at your next event!

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Experienced performer based in Belfast
  • Extremely well made, realistic costume
  • Available for events in the UK and internationally
  • Perfect entertainment for children’s parties and more
  • Optimus creates a unique experience for guests
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Watch our walkabout entertainer in action

Optimus Prime is fully interactive with its unique voice technology that imitates the voice of the real Optimus Prime. Our superhero for hire is realistically dressed in a fantastic costume.

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Optimus Prime can now be booked for your next event whether it be a family fun day or a private event. Our costumed entertainer can meet and greet your guests and mingle with them throughout your event to give real superhero-themed entertainment.

Optimus has travelled across worlds to join the events world as a walkabout entertainer, festival attraction, family fun day costumed entertainer and more!

Our costumed entertainer comes fully equipped with a realistic and life-size Optimus Prime suit and is a form of interactive entertainment with a professional voice changer which sounds identical to the voice of Optimus Prime.

The Optimus Prime lookalike suit that our walkabout entertainer is dressed in is made from 50mm EVA and is coated in fibreglass resin, making it one of the most realistic suits out there and adding to the superhero theme.

The Walkabout entertainer also has LED lights in the eyes and chest giving the costumed entertainer more of a realistic Optimus Prime look. This walkabout entertainer is one of a kind in the UK.

Our costumed entertainer puts in a lot of time and effort to make sure that the walkabout entertainers superhero-themed entertainment is the best it can be with unique quotes and acts.

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Optimus Prime for hire. You can book Optimus Prime for your next themed event.

The walkabout entertainer loves to put a smile on the kid’s faces by being as alike to Optimus Prime as the walkabout entertainer can be.

Superhero themed entertainment can excite both children and adults as the costumed entertainer is very entertaining, funny and a complete lookalike of Optimus Prime, the superhero will capture the attention of all your guests ensuring that your event is unforgettable.

Our superhero is available to hire for family fun days, superhero-themed events, private parties and more in Belfast, London and the UK. Hire our walkabout entertainer to give your guests the best superhero themed entertainment. Our costumed entertainer will be professional and fun and the best superhero themed entertainment for your event.

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