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Looking to hire a real living animal for your event?

Our range of animals and animal-themed entertainment is available to hire for an array of events. If you are a dog lover then you will love our dog shows for hire where dogs are the centre of attention with their brilliant stunts and routines.

If you have a children’s party and are looking to make an impact then we have a Mini Farm for hire which would be perfect. Our Mini Farm hire page is full of information about the types of animals that are included in the farm. Some of the animals we have include; reptiles such as snakes and lizards which would really stun and possibly scare your guests.

We also have falconry displays that will amaze and delight the crowds at your family fun days or wedding. Watch as these exciting birds take to the sky in splendid fashion whilst they perform an array of skills and tricks. The expert handler will commentate and teach the crowd a bit about the bird, whilst it is soaring through the sky.

If you are looking for some more unique animal-themed entertainment, then why not hire one of our amazing walkabout animals or creatures for your event.


We have a vast collection of weird and wonderful roaming acts from realistic-looking dinosaurs and dragon stilt walkers to our exotic birds for hire, we have just the entertainment for you.

Other animal-themed entertainments we can supply are pony rides and camel racing. Our pony rides would be a great form of entertainment for children’s parties and shopping centre events. These superb animals will make you feel like you have been transported to a sunny beachside resort. Our camel racing will create an exhilarating time for you and your family at your next event. These magnificent beasts will deliver a truly fast-paced race for everyone to marvel at.

Our animal arena shows are sure to make a lasting impact at your family fun day or corporate family day. We have some great choices. Our range of animals and animal-themed entertainment for hire is the perfect entertainment option to hire for corporate events, family fun days, shopping centre events, children’s parties and much more.

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