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Looking to book a Bubble Performer or Bubble Show for your event?

Our bubble performers for hire are a great way to entertain children and adults of all ages. These bubble shows will be sure to bring an abundance of bubble-themed fun to your next event. Our bubble performers are some of the best in the world and will perform tricks that are completely out of this world.

Bubble shows are incredibly interactive and will get your children involved with making some magical bubble art. Our trained bubbleologists can create everything from large bubbles that people can be contained in, to thousands of small bubbles that will surround the party. Your guests are sure to be amazed by these incredible performers.

The Incredible Bubble Shows is an act that has over 12 years of experience in creating a whole range of bubbles. This talented performer can make bubbles burn and create bubbles within bubbles which always surprises audience members. With his bubble wand, our bubble performer can literally create bubble magic by creating some of the largest bubbles ever seen.

The Bubble Man has been making bubbles in London and across the UK, since 1989 and has gone on to break 9 Guinness World Records. Having performed for esteemed people like Sir Michael Caine, Prince Charles and Shakira, the Bubble Man has the star-quality to perform for almost any event.

From square bubbles and everlasting bubbles to smoke bubbles and billions of bubbles, our talented bubble performers can make them all. Our bubble shows will be sure to bring unlimited smiles and fun to your next event whether in London or around the UK.

Our bubble performers are incredibly versatile and can be hired as shows, meet and greet entertainment and even walkabout entertainment. The fun will never stop with these fun-filled bubble-tastic performers.

Our wide range of bubble performers are available to book for a vast array of events including; family fun days, children’s events, outdoor festivals, shopping centre events and much more. Our bubble shows are suitable for people of all ages and will create an unlimited amount of joy for everyone. All of our talented performers are available to book in London and across the UK.


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