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We have an incredible selection of eco-themed acts that are available to hire in London and across the UK. From flower stilt walkers to walkabout rabbits and human plants, our varied selection of nature-themed acts will have you wishing every day was Spring.

The Spring months are a busy time of year, as there are many events, parties and festivals that take place all over the UK which celebrates the resurgence of the sun. Our nature-themed acts are full of fun and are something that the whole family can enjoy together.

We have a stunning collection of flower-themed stilt walkers that will inject an abundance of vibrancy into your event with their gorgeous colouring. The Blossoms are a duo of walkabout flowers that wear some beautifully designed costumes. The flowers used on their costumes appear to be real but are made from various materials and fabrics. These vivacious stilt walkers will be sure to create the perfect picnic scenery for your event.

Our Daffodil & Tiger Lily stilt walkers are a divine pair of flowers that have some truly vibrant costumes. The Flower Stilt Walkers wear rich green and blue costumes that have been specially designed to reflect the shape of an actual flower bulb and petal.

We also have a range of walkabout animal acts that will create fun-filled time that both the children and adults can enjoy. Bouncealot is our scientific rabbits who are forever searching for the next suitable place to launch their latest rocket device. The duo is incredibly friend and always make new friends wherever they land.

The Cedar Circle is made up of 2 animal colleagues called Professor Badger and Head Mistress Squirrel. This delightful duo will create both a fun and educational time for your children. The Cedar Circle collect a series of fossils, rocks and interesting leaves and then teach classes to the children who visit them.

We have an incredible selection of nature-themed acts that will bring a smile to everyone and create an unforgettable experience. Our vast range of organic-themed acts is the perfect entertainment option to hire for eco-themed events, family fun days or picnic events in London and across the UK.

Take a look at our Pinterest boards below which has more information regarding some of our Eco-Themed Acts we have available. You can also take a look at our other Pinterest board on the right which has more information about the different types of entertainment we have available for a variety of events.

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