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Prepare to be whisked away to the shores of South America with the help of our Latin Jazz Bands for hire. Our hugely talented singers and musicians have a wonderful Latin flair that will ensure you have the most exotic and exciting event possible. Our Latin jazz artists will guarantee that no matter what the weather, you will have a blazing summer atmosphere at your event through their music.

Our talented artists come from all over the world. One of our groups, the Cicca Boom Band, who originally come from Italy and have blended their cool Rome rhythm with classic jazz to create a unique a sound that regularly wows audiences. Having performed all over Europe, our Latin jazz bands have a wealth of experience that they can bring to your event.

These talented performers have a stunning repertoire of classic covers and unique original songs that are sure to transform your celebration and make it that more special. With Latin rhythms from Cuba, Italy, Brazil and more, our performers can always get the crowd going and keep them dancing with their vibrant and addictive beats.

Our versatile artists are able to perform their unique talents and musical skills at a variety of different events including; corporate functions, private parties and product launches. They would also be a great addition to your wedding celebration. These unique performers can take you and your guests away to an Ipanema beach party or Rio Carnival with their stylish vocals, beats and rhythms. This is a unique form of entertainment that increased in recent years due to the World Cup in Brazil and the Olympics which is also taking place in Brazil. Our Latin Jazz artists will make sure you celebrate the Brazilian Olympics in the right style and will make it an event to remember.


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“I am your average coffee addict” Our Media and Marketing Team are a very creative collective, who spend their days bouncing colourful ideas off of each other. The team have unique strengths and weaknesses, which compliment one another. Watch their introduction videos below to get an insight into their fun and innovative minds! Anna Quiroga … Continued

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