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Looking to book talented Musicians & Bands for your event?

We have an incredible array of musical options for event hire in London and the UK. If you are looking for something unusual or a complete wow factor to open up a show or event then our Aeriel Pianist will more that fit the bill, or perhaps you are looking for a really visual showpiece, you will find our Led Harpist or Led Violinist stage shows would be perfect.

We have a growing selection of cover bands to choose from, all of which can be hired to perform both private and corporate events in London and the UK. Our swing band is proving especially popular at luxury weddings and high-end corporate events.

We also have available to hire, mobile discos and superstar DJ’s available to hire, if needed they can bring all of the equipment needed, from digital mixing decks, PA systems all the way through to hi-tech lighting and staging. If you are planning a disco and need a dance floor we can supply this too, we have a choice from standard wooden flooring all the way through to white sparkling and LED dance floors for hire.


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We also offer Festive musical entertainment!

Looking for a festive mix of Christmas themed musicians and acts that include a Brass Quartet of Santa’s, a Christmas themed gospel choir all for hire in the UK and across London.

If you want a musical treat for the eyes then you will love our Acrobatic Violinist act, this act will always capture the full attention of your audience with their stunning and original show.

We also provide function bands, cover bands as well as wedding and party bands, all of which we can supply across London and the whole of the UK.

Looking for themed musical entertainment?

If you are hosting a 1940’s themed event then our traditional 1940’s Blitz band for hire will provide original and fun entertainment to your event.

If you are looking for something more contemporary how about our Saxophone V’s Dancers Show.

We also have our vintage style cabaret singers and dancers who have created a unique stage show combining elite choreography and top vocals.

UK-based string trio for hire for award ceremonies.

Movie Themed Bands & Musicians

Movies are one of the most popular entertainment options that people consume on a regular basis.

Our movie-themed bands for hire allow you to combine your love of movies with your love of music.

Our talented singers and musicians play a wide variety of popular movie themes and scores. Allow them to take you on not only a musical journey but also a movie journey as they enchant and delight to deliver this unique form of entertainment.

Our talented bands are able to play an array of movie themes from beloved films.

Allow them to transport you to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away as they play Star Wars themes such as the Imperial March from the Empire Strikes Back, Binary Sunset from A New Hope and of course the ever-iconic and thunderous, Main Star Wars theme. They also play the classics from the quintessentially stylish James Bond movies.

Buskers for Hire

Buskers are an ever increasingly popular entertainment choice to hire for events.

Hugely talented and well-travelled, buskers are a unique option for entertaining because they have a universal approach to performing.

They often evoke the thought of popular folk singers like Bob Dylan performing at famous festivals such as Woodstock.

People are often keen to create that atmosphere and bring it to their family fun day, wedding, or corporate event. Buskers are also a hugely popular choice to hire for music festivals.

Our 3 Man Busker group is an unconventional trio that can offer great musical entertainment and show off their vocal ability too. They can play a mixture of accordion, violin, and guitar as well.

Our trio combines their instrumental ability with some stunning harmonies that leave any crowd amazed.

Book our Buskers for your event. Our Busking trio is available for hire in London and around the UK.
Hire Live Musicians Essex

Talented Vocalists & Musicians

Our talented vocalists and musicians often have their own original style of dress and music that they bring to your event. They offer a friendlier and more approachable impression that makes for a more informal but still enjoyable ambience.

Our buskers are able to perform a wide variety of musical genres that can cater to everyone’s tastes and requirements. Their versatility and adaptability are what also makes them unique and a popular choice to hire for different events.

Our solo vocalist regularly brings down houses across the UK and in Europe. His brilliant voice and guitar skills combine to make a truly lovely sound that has wowed many audiences at a wide variety of events.

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