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An ancient Japanese form of art origami art has continued to be learnt by people from across the globe. With its detailed paper folding and delicate displays, origami art is a perfect addition for any event in the form of a workshop, room displays, or entertainment! Our origami experts are extremely talented paper folding performers who specialise in creating masterpieces for you and your guests to admire. The final pieces created by our origami artists can be used for paper displays or examples for a workshop soon after. Although it is Japanese entertainment originally, origami artists span across the entire UK, meaning you can book them for an extremely wide range of events such as corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, product launches and more. In addition to our paper folding entertainment being available around the UK, it also comes in several different forms. For example, we can offer either small paper folding performances for events; medium origami builds for larger events or large paper creations for shopping centres, store windows and more. All of our Japanese themed entertainers are professional artists with a long history in event entertainment, meaning they know exactly how to engage an audience with an extremely gripping performance.As well as being available for Japanese-themed events in the UK, our origami performs are also available for international bookings. If you would like some more information about how you can hire one of our Origami artists or paper art workshops, simply get in contact today to speak to a member of the team. If you would like to see more of the oriental entertainment we have to offer, then take a look our Pinterest board below, where we showcase a range of oriental entertainment, origami artists and more!

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“I am your average coffee addict” Our Media and Marketing Team are a very creative collective, who spend their days bouncing colourful ideas off of each other. The team have unique strengths and weaknesses, which compliment one another. Watch their introduction videos below to get an insight into their fun and innovative minds! Anna Quiroga … Continued

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