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Book Classical String Quartets for corporate events & weddings

Our London-based String Quartets and ensembles for hire, are an elegant and sophisticated entertainment option that will enhance any event you plan. The combined sound of live violins, violas and cellos come together beautifully to make a breath-taking sound that will captivate the imagination of the guests at your event.
Our wedding string quartets will provide a difference to the norm and can create an emotional atmosphere making the day even more memorable for the special couple, but also for the guests. If it’s a corporate event you are planning, then our live classical string trios will take the edge out of the event and make it more comfortable for everyone involved.
Our range of classical string ensembles all contains talented musicians, some of which have trained at the most prestigious musical schools in the country. These include; The Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music and much more. We have an amazing collection of classical musicians who are all based in the UK are available to book in London and across the country.
Our UK-based Classical musician Classic Kate is a virtuoso violinist who has performed around the world at an array of different events. This hugely talented violinist can play as part of a string quartet or even a string orchestra. She can also play her wide-ranging repertoire on either a classic wooden violin or a more contemporary electric violin.
Classical music is often thought as an old-time or forgotten music, but our exciting electric string quartets break that stereotype by performing a mixture of both classic songs and contemporary songs. Their unique versions of modern pop songs create a whole new musical style for everyone to enjoy and can often unite different generations in enjoying the same music together.
We have an incredible selection of live string ensembles. From live string quartets to classical string trios and duos, our accomplished classical musicians will create a sophisticated ambience that’s perfect for cocktail hours, after dinner events or as the main show.
Live string quartets are highly versatile and can provide musical entertainment to suit any event need. Whether your event is based inside or outside, our talented musicians can accommodate.
Our classical string quartets are the perfect entertainment option to book for an array of events including; corporate events, award ceremonies, gala dinners and much more.


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