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Looking to hire TV & Radio presenters

For some of the best guest speakers and x-factor contestants for hire in the UK, Julia Charles is the place to be, with our massive selection of TV & presenters for hire and celebrity chefs, plus much more, you can make your event a night to remember. We take pride in our amazing group of talented guest speaking professionals and reality tv stars as well as offering some of the most beloved celebrities, for example, X-factor contestants in the media today! You can hire these TV personalities and book celebrities to come to your event as a guest speaker, performer, entertainer or simply offer a meet and greet to your guests.

Book celebrities with a leading celebrity agency

Everyone has always dreamed of an A-list celebrity such as an x-factor contestants walking into their event and joining the festivities, well now that dream can come true with our celebrity hire service! You can book our celebrity chefs and TV personalities and hire our reality TV stars to appear at your event to either present or host as well as offer a talk on several topics. Our TV personalities and reality TV stars for hire aren’t just your average Joe semi-known people; we have everything from Jonathan Ross, Jimmy Carr and Ewan McGregor! Our guest celebrities and celebrity chefs are all training in their respected field as well as practising strong people skills, which makes them a perfect entertainer to look after you and your guests for the evening with quick wit, charm, comedy and delight.

Hire X-factor and Britain’s got talent acts

If you haven’t had a celebrity guest speaker for an event in the past then you are honestly missing out. Our TV personalities for hire and reality TV stars are perfect for all events as they bring the atmosphere of glamour and importance to an event. With such a rich and fruitful background in media, broadcasting and events, our celebrities for hire and X-factor contestants are an excellent addition to any function within the United Kingdom.

How to Hire Reality TV stars

Looking to hire reality TV stars and Britain’s got talent acts for your next event? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right celebrity agency. We provide a variety of celebrities for hire from TV & Radio presenters to X-factor contestants and more. As a booking agent for Britain’s got talent acts we ensure that we only offer the best acts that will leave your guests wowed and surprised. What a better way to surprise your guests than to hire reality TV stars that everybody knows.
Our TV & Radio presenters and celebrity chefs can be hired as guest speakers for corporate events, award ceremonies, brand activations and more. Book X-factor contestants and reality TV stars to entertain your audience and be sure to create a memorable event that will never be forgotten!

Booking agent for Britain’s got talent acts

Hire X-factor contestants and Britain’s got talent acts to give a speech or to perform for your guests and give your event the wow factor. Our X-factor contestants are exciting, fun and unique. Our Booking agent for Britain’s got talent acts will be sure to supply you with the best celebrities and X-factor contestants. Book celebrities today to ensure that your event is unforgettable.


Meet the Julia Charles Event Management: Media and Marketing Team

“I am your average coffee addict” Our Media and Marketing Team are a very creative collective, who spend their days bouncing colourful ideas off of each other. The team have unique strengths and weaknesses, which compliment one another. Watch their introduction videos below to get an insight into their fun and innovative minds! Anna Quiroga … Continued

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